For Glastonbury 2011 the Social Media Experiment has teamed up with the good folks of Shangri-La! Artists involved include Ciaran Griffiths (Shameless), Chris Simmons (The Bill), Gilbert & George and Ron English (more to be announced soon).

The venue will also be a hub for artists and Shangri-La friends to learn about  a ‘new world’ known as the London Pleasure Gardens. This will be created after this year’s pre-apocalyptic, rave to end all raves.

This year’s interactive experiment blends new and old technology and will help to lead uninfected people to the Promised Land and allows YOU to leave a mark in this abandoned city both physically and digitally.

You can find us within the seedy alleys of Shangri-La. We will be open for business on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Come down and experience the the usual Shangri La debauchery with a digital twist.

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