Information about ‘The New World’ REVEALED

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Free Posters, Come’an Get Em

Another epic Glastonbury is drawing to a close. The infected residents of Shangri La slowly wither and die (have you been watching) and those uninfected live in hope of an invitation to the new world.

The Social Media Experiment Shack where London Pleasure Gardens was announced and the uncontaminated signedup is giving away out interior decor. Amazing posters created by the Awesome Mutate Britain is still on the wall. Rip them down and take them home whether someone is here or not… Enjoy

Shangri La Posters

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Computer Virus Spreads to Human

It has come to our attention that a strain of the deadly disease may be passed on from computer to humans…

Computer Virus Spreads to Humans

Suspected Case of the computer virus strain infecting a Shangri La resident

Infected with a Computer Virus

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People start signing up for the new world

There is a little place in Shangri La where you can signup to enter the new world. Please be aware, those of you who are infected will not be allowed in. Our leaders have decided to show you a photo of what the entrance looks like. Fo the sake of yourself, your children and your childrens children… REMEMBER THIS

The lucky few?

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Shangri La is infected… I repeat Shangri La is INFECTED

Shangri La has been infected with a deadly disease… Read the official statements from our rulers. They give advice as to what the symptoms are. If you are infected then “recycle by dying”. Those not infected and handpicked by our masters will be invited to join us in the ‘NEW WORLD”. This is a clean new place full of joy and happiness. Best of all the new world is NOT CONTAMINATED!

Have you been infected?



Recycle by Dying

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Stickers Arrive. They will be given to people in “the know”

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And so it begins….

Glastonbury Traffic Report… Yes, people are arriving in their thousands…. Yes it’s busy.Glastonbury Traffic Report - Busy


Shangri La at night, vagabonds delight

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Wayne & Abel’s Weekend

We are delighted to be projecting Wayne & Abel content on Saturday night as part of the Social Media Experiment. A series of short and independent films will follow.

Wayne and Abel

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Glastonbury Virus…

Beware the virus! Flee to The Sky Walk to discover decontamination! Get labeled to know the next place… Who’s next? You’re next! That’s what the labels say.

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Artists TBA very soon…

Last years Social Media Experiment artists included The Urban Nerds, One Taste with acts like MC Xander & Kate Tempest,  Anthony Richardson (Paint my Album), Audio Farm, Noggo vs SaxOffender & Jeuce. This was all in one day!

This year we have grown in size and stature and will be programming events and artists for from Thursday until the early hours of Sunday morning and we have some BIIIIIG acts involved this year… Bring it on like Donkey Kong

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