Tut Tut Rain…

Well, it looks like the rain will be back in true Glastonbury fashion. Bring fourth the Wellies







Out top 5 things to remember

  • Wellington Boots
  • Toilet roll
  • Drink (in plastic bottles, Glass is not allowed inside)
  • A second mobile phone
  • A pillow!

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Secret Sticker Campaign

Shhhhhhhhhhh…. All will be announced soon. x

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…and welcome to Shangri-La’s social media experiment.

Shangri-La Glastonbury

All will be revealed in good time, what we can say for now is that the people behind Shangri-La and Mutate Britain have joined forces to create an exciting new arts and music festival to hit East London during 2012 the ‘London Pleasure Gardens’.

This Social Media Experiment will be occurring in the London Pleasure Gardens area in Shangri La. We want to talk to you about what they have in store for 2012 whilst you relax and engage with a little art and a lot of fun.


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